I have always wanted to give back to the people I can reach through the knowledge I have gained over the years. I have always strived to be able to help them transform their lives from the present state, to an amazing lifestyles they have dreamt about. 

I grew up in Western Europe. It wasn't smooth sailing at all. I felt I was existing, not living. I was surrounded by a community that exclusively took pride in labelling everyone, who doesn't act according to their way of living and their expectations. 

I have a degree in Administrative Law. I have worked as an activist in one of the local political parties. I found myself working as a clerk in the finance sector. With my dedication and effort towards my profession, I became an Account specialist in one of the international automotive corporations.

Although I have ticked most of the boxes: studied, made a career, got married - I was still feeling somewhat "alienated".

At the age of 25, I left for the United Kingdom leaving behind my possessions in the search to achieve my goals in life. I didn't have a clarity at that point what these goals are nor I was sure who I was. I was not taught to think this way at all. I had a successful career in the UK and up to few years ago I was enjoying being a number on a corporate payroll list. Until life did me a favour and made everything break into pieces. I have hit rock bottom and this was the best what could have ever happened to me.

This started my amazing journey through self-development. I have discovered myself all over again. For the first time I have had the time to work on “me”, think about what I want and what happiness means to me. I have set up my own goals and followed through. I have had an opportunity to get to know myself. Really, deeply and truly connect with who I am. I re-connected with my values and aligned my goals to them.

I have embarked on a journey of becoming a life coach and I have worked hard to be where I am today. It was not easy but it was worth it!

I am working with my clients around variety of goals and help them move forward, create the best version of their future they can possibly have. It is a great pleasure to be able to assist and coach. I believe in straight forward coaching and I often ask questions nobody dared to ask. That brings results. 

I had the privilege to be training with the best people in the industry and coach amazing clients. I am grateful for every step I take and I am looking forward to the future.