Set yourself SMART goals and it will be easier to achieve them.

Specific – name exactly what you want to achieve. Measurable – determine how you will be measuring your progress. Achievable – be realistic in what you can achieve, if you will be too ambitious chances are you will become de-motivated. Relevant – these should be relevant to you, don’t attain someone else’s goals in order to please them or impress them. Time-bound – set a date by when you are expecting to fulfil your goals. Then start!

Be smart and set your goals SMART way. This will definitely help you achieve them!

Unlike family members, we can choose friends. The best friendships are the ones where all people involved in it are benefiting from it equally, when we can rely on each other, support each other, have fun and develop in the process.

As difficult as it may seem it is best to let go of "friends" who are emotionally draining us, who only benefit from us without offering anything in return, and those, who take us for granted.

We are becoming the average of the 5 people who are the closest to us – it’s wise to choose these 5 carefully.

Leaving things for later is a common thing we all do. We tend to put aside tasks which scare us or are less pleasant for us. Some of us will procrastinate filing documents others will postpone shopping. All depends on personal characteristics and preferences.

It’s all good as long as procrastination will not make you compromise on your dreams and goals. Don’t give in to it… Find the strength to push through. Assign an hour a day or an hour a week to face all those tasks you have been sitting on. Small steps and you will get there!

Knowledge is a powerful tool if used correctly. In today’s world it is less important what we were told at schools – passive knowledge, memorised sentences and dates. It is increasingly more significant to be knowledgeable in all areas of life - be self-developed.

Each day we have an opportunity to learn something new. The difference is in the way we utilise our knowledge. Memorised pieces of information are of less importance, as soon as we learn to apply the knowledge and improve ourselves – we are the winners! We can rock the world and create what we desire within it!

“The future started yesterday and we are already late” (John Legend)

Many of us think about future every day. We have dreams and hopes related to it. We are planning everything from the next day to our retirement age. It’s a great vision and a land of endless possibilities, but…

If we don’t take actions in our present, if we don’t execute our plans starting from today – we will not achieve what we are dreaming about.

Stop ignoring your future, stop procrastinating. Take action each day and you will create the future you want! One stet at the time!

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